HIV/AIDS is a worldwide problem as well as in Tanzania. Many children loose their caring parents because of this. When they become Orphans, their lives become vulnerable. In Africa, especially, this is a real problem. USAIDIZI Orphans Organization is dedicated to providing Food, FREE Health-care, Tuition FREE Education and Shelter to these HIV&AIDS infected and/or affected Children.

USAIDIZI Orphans Organization is not limited to supporting only HIV&AIDS Orphans. In our care, we have widows and/or single-mothers, the Elderly and the handicapped and/or disabled members of our community.

Feeding Projects

Food supplies, especially Canned Foods, can nourish... more>>

Cost FREE Health care projects

Most Hospitals NO LONGER ACCEPT THEM because... more>>

Tuition FREE Education projects

Orphans enrolled in School are in Urgent Need for Sc... more>>

Rent FREE Housing

Most of the HIV/AIDS Orphans and Widows live within... more>>

Donate SANITARY PAD/s to a Girl Child.

Girls between the ages of 12 and 18 in disadvantaged areas can miss up to a quarter of their schooling when menstruating because they do not have access to adequate sanitary protection, or are unable to afford them. Most of these girls resort to the use of unhygienic rags or Feet-Socks or feathers or pieces of clothes which put them at the risk of dangerous infections.

Many poorer girls either skip school when they have their periods. Some among them engaging in selling their bodies through sex, exposing themselves to the HIV/AIDS Virus and/or unwanted pregnancies, in order to get money to buy sanitary towels. Others simply drop out completely after missing 5 to 7 days of school.

USAIDIZI Orphans Organization requests you, on their behalf, to Donate a Pad to a Girl child or Pads to more than one girl, to ensure that the girls have this basic need as required, and not for the basic need to become a luxury to the point of risking their lives and/or loosing their self esteem and dignity.



Throughout the years, each member has supported the organization with personal means, some of the members had to sell some of their properties to assist the Orphans.

We have tried to create avenues to generate funds through International Trade Fairs exhibitng Handmade carvings crafted by widows and some skilled orphans.

However, these funding methods no longer prove to be effective because the number of affected orphans under our care keeps on increasing. Most of these children are in dire need for help especially those that are physically disabled and infected with the HIV&AIDS virus at the same time... It is really SAD :(.

 A group of Usaidizi Orphans Organization Widows (UOOW) Hand crafting different types of gift items, home accessories, design- & lifestyle articles, stationery goods, floristry, art products, souvenirs and more - SIHA [WEST] KILIMANJARO-TANZANIA


Showcasing items handcrafted by A group of Usaidizi Orphans Organization Widows (UOOW)- SIHA [WEST] KILIMANJARO-TANZANIA


We earnestly request anyone willing to make a voluntary donation to do so as soon as possible. You can donate ANYTHING YOU WISH to these orphans.
If you wish to donate Money, please CLICK HERE to make your donation online or you can drop whatever amount you voluntarily wish to contribute towards helping these Orphans in "DONATION BOX" found in each one of our Stalls at International Trade Fair Exhibitions (these boxes are also available in our offices).



An HIV and AIDS infected or affected Orphan's most important wish is; to be given love and affection

"I wish to Live my life without Fear that I could Die anytime
due to the disease I have inherited from my Parents who
passed away few years ago.
I wish I could live my Life like any other Child." -James - 12

Child Friendly Stations

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While nothing can replace a lost parent, Scholarships can create an opportunity for an orphaned child to go to school. Food supplies can help sustain their lives. Medical care can help to immunize and prolong their lives. Old or New Clothes and Shoes can prove useful in that some of the Orphans have not changed their clothes for years. They need Shelters, bedding and Mosquito Nets as urgent as well


- You can do MUCH with just a LITTLE-
Your sponsorship will help provide:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Loving care in a family orientated home or institution.


100-300 Beds Hospital Construction

We urgently need a place to admit and offer FREE medical services, medicines and immunization treatments to HIV/AIDS Orphans and HIV/AIDS Widows.

One of the main reasons why these Orphans and Widows are abandoned is the complications that arise from their Health conditions. Most Hospitals no longer accept them in because those who bring them abandon them to doctors, they in turn, throw them out of hospitals.

With no place to go, they die shamefully with deep sorrow and pain. We urgently need to construct a Hospital to provide them Free Health-care, free medicines, immunization and necessary daily cares.

Emergency Ambulance(s).

The situation at hand urgently requires Emergency Ambulance(s) to transport HIV/AIDS Orphans from rural areas to nearest Health facilities in the region.

The situation at hand urgently requires Emergency Ambulance(s) to transport HIV/AIDS Orphans from rural areas to nearest Health facilities in the region.

HIV/AIDS is very unpredictable.

At times at 3AM in the morning, an Orphan suffers sharp pains and cries for urgent help,another one goes unconscious, another one profusely vomits.

With no means of transport, we are forced to put them on our shoulders and travel about 10 to 13 Kilometers to the nearest health center.

We urgently need ambulance(s) to facilitate long distance traveling with them.

Long Lasting Canned Foods and dairy products.

Canned Foods can nourish HIV/AIDS infected Orphans and widows for longer period of time

Some of the advantages of canned foods are:

  • They can be stored without refrigeration for a long time.
  • The process used in preparing caned food tends to hold on to more of the vitamins.
  • These can be stocked in piles as they have longer shelf life.



We urgently need a supply of bedding for HIV/AIDS infected children currently sleeping on the floor or floor Mats. These HIV/AIDS Orphans and Widows live within the cold mountainous regions of Mount Kilimanjaro. Sleeping on the cold floor in their condition, is shortening their lives.

Mosquito Nets for HIV/AIDS Orphans and Widows

A supply of Mosquito Nets for HIV/AIDS Orphans and Widows to avoid deadly outbreaks of Dengue and/or Malaria is as urgent as never before. Malaria and Dengue are global Pandemics. On average every day a child's life is lost due to these serious life threatening plagues. The worst case scenario is when an HIV/AIDS infected Child suffers an outbreak of either Malaria or Dengue. If healthy people could not bear the stings of Malaria and/or Dengue, what about HIV/AIDS infected people? But, with insecticide-treated bed Mosquito-Nets, they can be saved from suffering a double tragedy.

Urgent Need for School supplies.

Orphans enrolled in School are in Urgent Need for School related Books and stationeries. These Abandoned Children are in dire need for school supplies. These include, School Books, text booklets, Pens, Pencils, rulers, erasers etc...

Old or New Clothes and Shoes

Old or New Clothes or Shoes are Urgently needed. Some of the Children have not Changed their clothes for more than 2 years and do not have any Shoe at all. This is really urgent in that most children no longer have anything to put on. What are some of the best ways to donate clothes?

Some Step by Step Handy tips provided by might come in handy. Click here to find out more about: "How to Donate Clothing to Charity"

NO AMOUNT IS TOO LITTLE Your $3 can Feed a Orphan for a day!


Usaidizi Orphans Organization regards EDUCATION as a treasure. With the little means available, we are still struggling to establish a way in which we can provide basic Education to the Orphans Free of Charge. A Major obstacle is a place where Classes can be conducted. Due to lack of funds to build a School, we have been shifting from one place to another to have the Classes conducted only with a few children.

Usaidizi Orphans Children school ground.
Usaidizi Orphans Children school ground.


Our TUITION-FREE Education Project: 
We plan to purchase a 5-8 acres Land to build a School that will start from Kindergarten and cover all their Primary Education and perhaps even high-school if the project turns out really successful. The planned construction is that of a five story building where one entire floor will be reserved to provide lodging facilities for HIV/AIDS abandoned Children, and four-floors will be used for classes.

There will be a first-aid and emergency clinic within the school for cases requiring urgent intervention of a medical practitioner.

The school will have a food court for the Orphans. The food court will also contain a storage-room to store donated food stuffs. Additionally, and we plan to provide for them clean water by installing 3(three) reservoirs of 25,000 Liters (see image bellow) of filtered water ready to drink. These water tanks are essential for the fact that, in that region where the Orphans are, water is in high scarcity.

With the Number of Children swelling day by day, it is suggested that the building should be built to serve a dual purpose. It can be a school and a home at the same time. This way, the building is to accommodate some orphans temporarily (for 2 or 3years) while we build Real Homes for them where they will have more space.

This is a US$47,000 project as estimations show. Usaidizi Orphans Organization Volunteers (U.O.O.Vs) are currently fund raising towards this.

We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That's why we show you how every dollar was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the Orphans are!

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs and prices shown reflect Usaidizi Orphans' Organization projects based on periodic surveys. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears and donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that category or to address a similar need.

It is a wonderful experience to work side-by-side with villagers and local community to build a school and bring hope through education.

Get started on your adventure today!
To build a school might seem expensive, but with goodwill and determination, raising the funds is easier than you think.

You can do this individually or you can mobilize a team and have more fun working together for a worthy cause.

Click here to help us today!

We solely depend on your Goodwill for this Tuition-Free Education project to be successfully carried out.

Thanking you in advance!

*PS: If you wish to get a piece by piece detail on the plan and budget, feel free to contact us for further details.


First step

Talks to Friends and Family about the Orphans

Second step

Choose a project or NEED in our website and decide how you wish to support.

Third step

Plan with the team how to fund-raise(for Monetary Donations) or how to collect the Goods (in case of Food, School supplies or clothing etc..)

Fourth step

Start working with your team to reach your goal

Fifth step

Put together and package, if necessary

Last step

Contact us and let us know how you wish to deliver your donations to the orphans


Contact Info

USAIDIZI ORPHANS ORGANIZATION Lushoto-Tanga, Tanzania Phone Number: +254 78 884 2271, +254 653 52 9795 EMAIL[S]: